Navigating the Resurgence of Capital Markets in 2024: What Trends Are Shaping the Market?

Originally published by Taylor Miller on 04.03.24

2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for capital markets. Year-to-date, we’ve seen 78 capital markets lateral moves across the Am Law 200 and a significant increase in global equity issuances, reaching $400 billion in 2023, up 30% from 2022.

IPOs Making a Strong Comeback?

Taylor Miller circleThe IPO market is bouncing back with force this year, showing a 42% increase in IPO numbers and a surge of over 160% in proceeds compared to 2022. The U.S. economy expanded by 3.3% in 2023, and predictions for 2024 hover around 2%, setting a dynamic stage for the capital markets.

Sector-Specific Trends: Tech in the Lead

Investor interest is notably peaking in the technology sector. The tech sector's upward trajectory is illustrated by successes such as Reddit's IPO, which saw a strong opening with a 30% rise in shares, and Astera Labs, making a splash with a 72% gain on their first day of trading. Discussed in a recent episode of "The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway,"  these signal a broader resurgence in the IPO market. Galloway's insights suggest that many companies are now poised to enter the market, seizing the opportune moment. In this climate of revitalization, legal professionals in capital markets are tasked with guiding companies through complex IPO processes and navigating a landscape rich with potential, but also filled with new regulatory challenges.

Risk Management: A Balanced Approach

While 2024 offers grounds for optimism, it's not without its uncertainties. The primary risks stem from questions about both domestic and global economic growth, as well as the persistence of inflation. Global economic growth is projected at 3.0%, and while inflation is expected to drop to 5.2% from 8.7% in 2022, its stubborn nature continues to add complexity to the economic environment, influencing risk management strategies. In response to these economic variables, firms are increasingly adopting advanced analytics and AI-driven tools for more nuanced and effective risk management strategies.

Key verticals likely to see increased demand:

1. Healthcare
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Crypto/Blockchain
4. Energy
5. FinTech
6. Life Sciences

As law firms and corporations adapt, strategic lateral moves and targeted hiring in these areas are advantageous. 

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