Karen Vladeck Interviewed by Alex Su for Above the Law

Originally published by Above the Law on 06.27.22
“It’s not like someone’s going to hit you over the head and tell you that ‘this is a moment that’s gonna change your life. It’s never going to be that obvious..."

That's what Karen told Alex Su in his latest article for Above the Law, which highlights Karen's career pivot from a labor & employment partner to a legal recruiter. “I’ve always been a connector,” she said. “Always had lots of friends, and built lots of relationships. And while I loved being a partner, it just wasn’t the highest and best use of my skills. I wanted to focus on the business side of the law 100% of the time.”

And while she's not advocating for everyone to leave the partnership and go business side, she is an advocate for everyone to be more open to change. "When I talk to candidates for recruiting, they’re not happy where they are — but they don’t even want to take a meeting. I see my role as a good recruiter to meet people where they are in their job search journey but to also encourage candidates that they need to always be open to new opportunities in order to better their careers.”


Read the full article: https://abovethelaw.com/2022/06/leaving-the-partnership-to-focus-on-your-superpower/
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