Karen Vladeck on Being a Linkedin Creator

Originally published by Tubefilter on 08.15.22
“Work is so integral to people’s lives that we should be talking about social issues on LinkedIn." That's according to Karen Shafrir Vladeck, in a recent interview with Tubefilter.

There's a lot of unspoken rules about what content belongs on what platforms. Choreographed dances? That's for TikTok. Photos from your friend's wedding? Instagram. Self-congratulatory work announcements? Linkedin, of course.  But as a litigator turned legal recruiter, who happens to also be a mom and a content creator, Karen's been one of the people pushing back against the unspoken rules of what kind of content should belong on Linkedin. In her new rules, you can be witty and authentic. Why shouldn't an attorney post about her 6-year-old's predilection for lobbying?

For those nervous about dipping their toe into the world of professional social media, Karen offers this reassurance: “the stakes are pretty low... If you make a post and three people like it, so what? Posts engage for a much longer period of time on LinkedIn than they do on other platforms.”


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