TechGC 2021 DeputyGC Annual Summit

Originally published by Whistler Partners Announcements on 03.17.21


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Whistler Partners And QueensBench Are Proud To Be Featured Partners At TechGC's 2021 DeputyGC Annual Summit.


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This will be TechGC's first-ever DeputyGC conference, where they'll be "focusing on learnings and strategies specific to the Deputy GC role. From becoming indispensable to your GC, executing on your day-to-day projects, and finding space to look ahead in your own professional development, join your fellow deputy and associate GCs to hear real stories and best practices from others around the virtual table."

Sarah Blumling

We'll be running breakout discussion groups with Whistler Partners recruiter and former GC, Wolf Konstant, as well as with QueensBench founder Sarah Blumling.


The event by invitation only for DeputyGC Charter Members only.

To learn more about TechGC, visit their website:

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