Law Firms Accelerate Hiring Efforts as they Change with the Times

Originally published by Of Counsel on 07.16.21
Sean Burke is featured in an article in Of Counsel's July Issue: 'Law firms accelerate hiring efforts as they change with the times," discussing the hot jobs market for tech attorneys, as well as firms' openness to attorneys returning from working in-house or asking to work exclusively remotely, two previously undesirable traits.


"You know something’s going on with technology when in the same week you’re working with [such prominent and diverse firms as] Latham & Watkins; Schulte Roth; and Fenwick & West, and they’re all looking for the same type of partner. I liken it to what privacy law was 10 years ago. Privacy started to take off and law firms panicked because the best practitioners were in-house. Law firms are quickly realizing that there aren’t enough lawyers in law firms who are experts in the field so they have to pull people from in-house.”


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