Denelle Dixon on Her Journey From Litigator to CLO to CEO

Originally published by Whistler Partners on 06.16.22
We'd like to preface this by saying that we don't think that all attorneys secretly aspire to go business-side. We've gotten in trouble in the past for suggesting this (even though, let's face it, a lot of you do). We love attorneys who love what they do.

But for those of you who do have aspirations taking your love of problem-solving business-side, we want to introduce you to Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit organization building, sustaining and growing the Internet for payments using blockchain technology.

Denelle started her career as a litigator at Folger Levin & Kahn (where she happened to have been a young Sean Burke's mentor and "the only person who ever got me excited about a case"), before going in-house to Yahoo! She went on to serve as in-house counsel at Terra Firma and Mozilla, where she began leading global business development and eventually served as their Chief Operating Officer.

The common thread throughout her career: "I'm never comfortable not learning something, even today. One of the things I loved when I was in trial practice was I would get to work with these expert witnesses that would really dig deep into a particular area of the business, or this litigation, and then I would learn about the business. That was the most fun."

Watch the full interview with Denelle below:


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