Josh Bilgrei

Managing Director
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“Not to date myself, but watching LA Law is what made me want to be a lawyer.”

A native New Yorker, Josh made the brilliant decision to pick up and move to the West Coast with his family in 2015, and has been enjoying sunny LA ever since. So it was something of a virtual homecoming when Josh joined the Whistler fold in December of 2018. Though based in LA, Josh still believes that NYC is the greatest place in the world and that pizza should be eaten every day, which he does each time he is back in the city.  

After ten years practicing as a corporate associate in big law and in-house as a corporate/technology transactions attorney in technology and advertising, Josh decided to leverage his network and business skills and made the decision to go into recruiting. In this game of trust, you want someone who knows what they are talking about, and Josh doesn’t mess around - “I’m an agent for lawyers.”

Best advice:

"Be good at what you do and work hard. There is a time and a place for everything - and every type of pizza.  Oh, and also NETWORK!"

Favorite historical moment:

"July 21, 2015 - the day the Bilgrei family moved to Los Angeles.."

Levels of creeping LA-ness:

Does pilates, eats more kale, but won’t do spandex and hasn’t started juicing (yet).

Favorite Kevin Bacon movie:

"To be clear, Footloose isn’t my favorite movie - it's my favorite Kevin Bacon movie."

Favorite tv lawyer:

“Jimmy Smits! He was a pretty cool dude.”

Last question, has LA softened his New York bluntness:

Not really. “I think California drivers are awful.”


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testimonials about this recruiter:

Josh is the gold standard. Immediately upon working together, Josh’s dedication was obvious and his honesty was refreshing. We had many long calls during my job search. Josh understood my aspirations and only suggested positions that fit my criteria. He took the time to listen to my goals and concerns, and carefully and clearly walked me through this daunting process. At the end of the day, what I found most important was that I knew Josh cared. He 100% had my back and it was significant to feel that someone was in my corner. I highly recommend Josh to any lawyer out there looking to make their next move!


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Private Equity M&A Associate at AMXXxLAW 50 Firm

I highly recommend working with Josh, whether you are actively searching for a new role or just generally plotting your career. Josh clearly has immense knowledge across the ECVC space and helped me navigate not only different firms but also different geographic markets. When making my move, Josh was always available and waited for the right opportunity to come along as opposed to rushing me. A year or so after my move, my firm started conducting layoffs and Josh was a great person to talk about the current market and evaluating potential options.


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Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Associate at AMXXxLAW 50 Firm

I was about to leave the entertainment industry entirely, but then I called Josh. I planned to leave my boutique entertainment talent law firm and transition to another area of the law in order to attempt to move into Biglaw, but first, I wanted to try to break into Biglaw while remaining in entertainment. 
Josh and I immediately connected and I knew he was someone I could trust. Josh has a thorough understanding of the entertainment law market, and he reminded me that my years of experience in entertainment (even though not in Biglaw) amounted to a rare and valuable skill set. Together, we targeted the only four Biglaw firms that I was interested in. From the time I first spoke to Josh to the day I gave notice at the boutique, it took only three months. During that time, Josh connected me and guided me through countless rounds of interviews with 3 out of the 4 Biglaw firms we were targeting. Within three months, I had accepted an offer at the #1 firm in my practice area. 
Today, I have my dream job, and I will be forever grateful that Josh believed in me and reinvigorated me to continue to pursue my passion. Josh played a pivotal role in my career and my life, and I look forward to maintaining the relationship for years to come.


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Entertainment Associate at AMXXXXxLAW 50 Firm

Josh was indispensable as I moved from in-house to a senior position at a firm. I came from a unique background with no big law experience. Josh took the time to not only help me find a good fit and communicate my skill set, but talk through my concerns and prepare me for issues that could come up in my new practice. When it came time to make my next career move, reaching out to Josh was my first step.


Joey Seiler


Vice President, Licensing Lead and Business Affairs, TIDAL and former Senior Counsel, Loeb & Loeb

I recommend Josh to everyone from my closest former colleagues to lawyers who I am on boards with and know that they are in good hands.  He and I first connected when I was hiring associates for my last firm and the candidate just raved about his recruiter. Josh soon followed up with me and I could see why the candidate had said so many good things about Josh and it’s for the same reasons why I send so many attorneys to Josh.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and space and tells it to you like it is and at the same time he is so personable and patient during the process.  He is not transactional but relational. 

We spoke for much longer than a year about hiring associates and then transitioned to my own search as I was moving geographic locations and wanted to move firms to be near an office.  He provided valuable guidance and continued to guide me once he placed me at a top 50 AM Law firm about integrating there and introduced me to people at the firm. Josh is a friend, a trusted advisor and an incredible recruiter.


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Digital Media/Tech Transactions Partner at AMLAW 50 Firm

Josh is by far the most effective recruiter I’ve worked with. He is practical and takes the time to ask but more importantly, listen to what you’re looking for in a role, unlike most other recruiters I’ve encountered who simply want to offer up a candidate for an opening.
What I loved most about working with Josh is that he is always direct and honest, he stays engaged and provides guidance where needed, and was great at managing the whole process which often meanders along for a few months. You always know where you stand with Josh and for me, that was a breath of fresh air.


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Technology Transactions Partner at Global Firm

Josh is a career resource in addition to being a legal recruiter. He happily offers ideas and discusses job options and career paths beyond those for which he will receive a fee, which distinguishes him from many other recruiters in the market and makes him an extremely valuable partner in a job search. I was a difficult person to place, given I was a senior corporate associate who took a year off from practice and was reentering the job market at a low point in the cycle, but Josh found opportunities for me and took as much time as he could to ensure I was prepared for successful interviews. I am very thankful for his assistance and would use him again in a heartbeat if I am ever back in the market.


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Private Equity M&A Associate at Global Firm

Josh is heads and tails above any recruiter I have ever worked with. He really listens to you, taking into account your personal and professional goals, and works to find a match that is more than just numbers and geography, but something that is the right fit and a place that you could be happy and succeed long-term. He opened my eyes to an opportunity that I was not initially considering, which helped to catapult me to the next level of my career. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, relationships with top-tier firms, and actually delivers results, for me as well as for the friends and former colleagues who have asked to be referred to him.
On a personal level, Josh is warm, supportive, trustworthy and responsive. He invests in you in a meaningful way, taking the time to respond to all of your questions and concerns, prepare you for interviews, check in with you, and generally providing valuable mentorship and advice. He genuinely cares about your happiness, well-being and success and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


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Bankruptcy Counsel at AmLaw 100 Firm

Josh's knowledge and experience make a tough and uncertain process easy. Early on in my career, Josh walked me through the lateral process from start to finish when I had no idea what to expect. Years later, Josh again helped guide me to an opportunity that best fit my goals. Josh has helped me and my friends throughout the years, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a recruiter. He might be the only one you'll ever need.



IP Litigation Associate at Steptoe & Johnson

Josh leveled with me from the start. He never tried to sell me on a position, but rather took the time to talk through options and took a vested interest in my career. I was more than just a commission.
Whether you're trying to break in or move up in the ultra competitive tech or entertainment fields, Whistler can actually get you there. Whistler's industry focused networks and resources allow them to deliver where the other guys can't.
I recommend Josh to everyone because he delivered. He listened to where I wanted my career to go and then paved the road to get there.



Legal Counsel at The Kraft Group; New England Patriots; New England Revolution

I faced a crossroads in my career when I realized that the firm that I had been with for over a decade was no longer the best for for my practice. Josh, Sean, and their team really “got” what I wanted and needed in a new firm. I had both a business partner and a best friend to guide me through the process. Thanks to their help, I joined a new firm that’s both skyrocketed my professional growth and where I’ve had a great time so far. Now, Whistler is helping build my team.


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Technology Transactions Partner at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Josh is one of the best recruiters I've ever worked with. He had his finger on the pulse of the employer and did a great job of communicating to me both the specific needs of the employer as well as really valuable general advice. Josh and his team took all the time I needed to prepare me for my interviews, field questions, make suggestions, and most importantly, express confidence! I wouldn't hesitate to work with Josh and his team again.


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Legal Counsel at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, former Private Equity Associate at Kirkland

Whistler and Josh Bilgrei supercharged a fairly languid lateral search into high gear and impressed me with their knowledge of the tech law firm landscape and we zeroed in quickly on what I wanted and where I could get that. A few years after my lateral switch, I can’t thank them enough and for anyone considering a similar career move, can’t recommend them enough.



Corporate, Emerging Growth Companies Associate at Goodwin

Josh and the Whistler team knew what I wanted before I did. Josh is warm, personable and thoughtful and made sure I was prepared for a series of interviews with what would quickly become my top choice. I am happy and thriving at my new firm because of Josh and the Whistler team.


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Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Associate at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Working with Josh was awesome. He knows the tech space better than anyone and worked tirelessly to make sure I found the best fit for me. Throughout the entire process, he gave practical and sound advice and served as a tremendous resource and sounding board. His connections and knowledge of the tech space run deep, and he’ll also shoot you straight at every step. He’s a true professional, and I highly recommend engaging Josh as your recruiter


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Technology Mergers & Acquisitions Associate at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just wanted to say I hope you don't mind that I keep sending people your way. I know it's your job, but it still feels like you're doing me a favor whenever you take the time to connect with my friends.
If it wasn't already clear, I enjoyed working with you when lateraling myself and feel comfortable referring others to you since I know your approach isn't one that ignores people's personal goals just for the sake of placing them somewhere.
Hope you and your family are good otherwise!


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Capital Markets Associate at DLA Piper

During the second half of 2020, any coronavirus vaccine seemed like a distant hope and I'd had to attend my grandmother's funeral virtually. I was desperate to move closer to family and when I said I wanted to move to Los Angeles permanently and pivot to working with tech start-ups (perhaps not thinking clearly about the difficulty of doing so when the market was quiet), my law school classmates highly recommended Josh Bilgrei at Whistler Partners; Josh had placed several of my classmates and was quickly becoming our go-to recruiter. They felt that even though the market was quiet, if anyone could help me make the move, it would be Josh.
Where others said "impossible" or "unlikely", Josh never gave up and thought creatively to make sure we were doing everything we could to make the move happen. Perhaps most importantly, I felt that Josh always had my best interests at heart and was always guiding the process with my professional and personal goals in mind. I echo the words of my classmates and highly recommend Josh, who was a confidence-inspiring coach and guide, even during the most unprecedented times.


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Emerging Companies Associate at xxxxxxxxxxxxx