Emily Witt

"The Reformer"
Managing Director




“Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold.” – My best friend from high school and I still say that to each other instead of saying goodbye.

Sometimes, it just might take being stuck between a rock and a hard place to make our best life choices. Take Emily for example - she decided to be a Legal Recruiter at the rock climbing wall. Her climbing partner happened to be an attorney at a top law firm and suggested Emily might enjoy it. She gave it a shot and humbly debuted her legal recruiting career at a little Manhattan firm by the name of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

At Wachtell, Emily learned what it takes to make it to the pinnacle of the legal profession working alongside some of the best attorneys in the country: you need to be adaptable, know how to stand your ground, have great people skills and be a commanding presence. But Wachtell associates have the same big picture questions as everyone else – what do I want to be when I grow up? It was no surprise that the associates were drawn to Emily - even strangers on the subway seem to want to come to her for advice (some of her closest acquaintances have been made that way). Finding herself the go-to career advice person at Wachtell, it wasn’t a big leap for Emily to make a career of it and become a legal recruiter.

Emily manages to be loyal and dedicated, while being a total thrill-seeker. In other words, she’s found her home at Whistler. She is a firm believer in following your inner voice when making any decision. She has a knack for trusting her instincts with people, making her a natural matchmaker. Always on the go, either locally or abroad, Emily stays centered through connecting with others. Whether discussing the pursuit of your dreams or the path to physical wellness (she’s also a fully certified Pilates Instructor!), Emily’s in for the ride.

Dream job:

"Host of a travel TV show. I LOVE an adventure and just always want to be traveling, that’s why I don’t mind getting lost."

Favorite place to travel:

"Anywhere I’ve never been. The thrill is in the unknown."

Movie that's secretly about her:

"Every John Hughes movie."

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testimonials about this recruiter:

Emily was an incredible search partner for us as we embarked on the first legal hire for our company. She thoughtfully listened to our needs, delivered a great set of candidates, managed an efficient search process, and helped us land our current Head of Legal.  I would highly recommend her for helping companies fill open legal roles!


XXXXXXXXXgertrude stein 3

Co-Founder at Digital Health Start-Up

Emily is a wonderful human being and that is what makes her an outstanding recruiter. The time and patience Emily took to help me figure my path was relentless yet supportive. This just shows how dedicated the team at Whistler is to your hopes and ambitions. Hands down the best experience with a recruiter ever. Keep it up team Whistler!



Healthcare Associate at Moses & Singer

Emily brings a strong network and deep understanding of our priorities. She takes the time to understand the combination of creativity, raw intellect, experience, and niceness we prioritize. She is iterative, efficient, and genuinely invested in building our team. Emily is an absolute pleasure to work with and works hard to achieve our goals.



VP, Programs at Roivant Social Ventures

Tad and Emily helped me work through a difficult, risky transition - my practice group experienced several senior departures at once, and I had to decide quickly whether to go or stay, and if going, where to go. Lots of calls and meetings, and more than one kick in the ass later, all courtesy of my friends at Whistler, I landed on my feet, in a better situation than where I started. Thanks, again, for taking good care of me.


Robert Weiss


Asset Management and Investment Funds Counsel at K&L Gates