How Can We Be of Help During COVID-19?

Originally published by Sean Burke on 05.06.20
Whistler Partners is a group of imperfect humans.

When it comes to health advice, I’m more imperfect than my fellow recruiters - I touch my face all the time, I forget to be careful when delivery food arrives and I open mail like it’s 1999.  Fauci would cry if he saw my hand-washing regime.  And I’m a former skateboarder - I’m not known for being disciplined. So I can’t offer you any health or productivity advice. That said.


We are as a group incredibly empathetic.

 I was a lawyer interviewing at firms in 2001 when the dot com bubble burst and started as a recruiter shortly before 2008 happened.  Wolf, Dan, Mat, Jon, Josh, Kathleen and Amdie were all attorneys in 2008 (Amdie was a 1st year at Dewey for christsakes!).  In other words, we’ve all been there.

Your changes in employment or compensation due to COVID-19 will lag behind the curve of the virus.

Every firm is taking a different approach to cutting costs, and these measures will continue to evolve for months.


So now, the nitty-gritty:
  • We still have in-house jobs! Not a ton of them, but still have some great ones!  Pass this along to your friends and family!
  • If none of our in-house gigs are right for you, there are still great jobs that aren’t just in bankruptcy!  In Tech, Corporate or IP!  Or if you’re open to it, corporate practices supporting bankruptcy.

  • If you or your best friend from law school were recently laid off, or are scared of being laid off, we’re here! The good news is that my candidates who were laid off early in the 2008 recession actually were more likely to quickly land on their feet at another job than those laid off later.

  • If your compensation is being cut, we can have an honest conversation about what you should do. We have a wealth of experience and current market intel that can help you decide if you should be looking for a new job or staying put.

  • If you’re busy, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back.  But be diligent! If you aren’t busy, and they ask you to help out in bankruptcy, say yes!  Maybe even volunteer! 

  • If your firm or practice area is countercyclical, you lucky devil!  Reach out to us and maybe hire some extra hands!  Your new employees will be even more grateful to you if you hire them during a pandemic.

  • If you need help networking, reach out!  We are trying to help our people who have to move by making no fee referrals wherever we can help out a friend!  Karma is real and sometimes the best placement is someone you help who later refers you to all their friends.


Hopefully we avoided all the worst covid cliches. Let us know what we can do.


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- Sean Burke, Founding Partner

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