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How has working in Biglaw affected your mental health?

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Here's what some had to say when we asked: why did you leave your last position, or why did you leave Big Law?

"My boss called me on the first day of my honeymoon (that was only supposed to be 4 days) to ask me when I was coming back (to working remotely), if I could come back earlier, and if I could take a few (unimportant calls) while I was out so I wouldn't miss anything. That's when I knew I was leaving."

"They told me I was doing 'too much pro bono' despite billing over 2500 hours."

"The associates I worked with were supportive and my friends to my face, but tried to undercut and disparage me to partners every chance they got. BigLaw brings the worst out of people."

"I was done being threatened with ethics violations by opposing counsel every week. It wasn't just mere threats, it was in the courts. Had I been violating ethics rules or the law, I could understand; but I was just trying to do my job. The harassment was constant and the only reason it was happening was because this attorney lacked the skills to do her job. I've never worked with such an unprofessional attorney in my career, and the fact that my employer wasn't willing to file a complaint against her for everything she was doing to the community and to the attorneys in our office was enough. The job was already thankless, and I wasn't going to live with the harassment from an incompetent attorney on top of that."