Switch to FinTech from Finance @ AmLaw 100 Law Firm

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Switch to FinTech from Finance @ AmLaw 100 Law Firm

whistlercontact_locationNew York City, Bay Area, or Los Angeles

Would you rather your clients be big banks or crypto startups?

This top FinTech practice is looking to retrain a 3rd to 6th year finance associate for their bicoastal team. It’s time to parlay your finance background into a fintech-focused practice, launching your career beyond Wall Street. We all know that digital payments, blockchain, and crypto are the future of finance, why not get ahead of the curve?

Great partner opportunities because it's a newer practice area, or tons of in-house opportunities down the road if that's more your style!

To learn more about making the switch to FinTech, read our article in Chambers Associate featuring some of the top practioners in the space as well as our recruiters -