Partner Recruiting Coordinator @ Whistler Partners

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Partner Recruiting Coordinator @ Whistler Partners

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Big Law got you down? Want to work for former attorneys instead of practicing attorneys? We (Whistler Partners) are looking for a Partner Recruiting Coordinator to help keep our recruiters’ desks running smoothly so that our candidates and clients remain happy. We can’t legally guarantee that you’ll have a better time working for us than wherever you are now, but if you have more fun reading our site than your current employer’s site, let that be your first indicator.

We Have:

  • The #1 legal recruiting shop in the country for tech convergence attorneys.
  • Training to teach you what “tech convergence” means (it basically just means startups and tech).
  • A reformed Big Law Director of Attorney Recruiting & Diversity to guide you.
  • An open mind for new ideas and methodologies.


You Have:

  • Knowledge of Big Law, with 2-3 years of experience in a law firm, law school career services, or legal recruiting environment.
  • The ability to adapt quickly, juggle many tasks, prioritize, and get your hands dirty as needed (you know, startup stuff). 
  • The ability to talk and connect with people in an appropriate way (you know, human stuff). 
  • The organizational skills of Marie Kondo.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree, and all the worldly confidence that comes with having had to write a dissertation. 


You Might Also Have:

  • A background in marketing or PR.
  • A background in sales (like experience cold calling or selling knives door to door).
  • A desire to make more money in a job where hard work directly translates to bigger commission checks.


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