M  K


Marketing Assistant

"I have a habit of working in places that enable my sweet tooth. Pretty sure that won’t be a problem here…"

MK grew up in Seattle. She spent years working with a baker, making delectable pies and managing their sales at local farmer’s markets and spent some time working as a recruitment coordinator, cold calling potential employees. Even so, the grey mist of Seattle didn’t suit her, so she moved to New York City, where she spent time working in the hospitality industry and as an assistant to a costume designer before landing at Whistler Partners. She makes what is an admittedly hectic office feel more organized and a whole lot calmer. She’s the proud mother of a chihuahua mix named Chavez, an avid vintage connoisseur, and fan of black & white films. MK is dedicated and persistent, and undoubtedly the kindest of Whistler’s motley crew.

Desired Super Power: Teleportation—nothing better than having no travel time!

Worst Job: The whole time I worked at Subway I smelled like onions and bread yeast. I can smell one from a mile away!

Favorite Female Lead: Nicole Kidman, I love the sound of her voice.