Lili  Rogowsky


Chief Operating Officer

“Don’t tell me the answer, I want to figure it out.”

Lili is a pragmatic problem solver, driven by her curiosity. Her sense of adventure and desire to learn has led her literally around the world (twice). She had no hesitation joining a last minute trip to summit Mount Kilimanjaro or canceling a flight to spend a summer working as a divemaster in Greece.

“I do see how I could come across as a risk taker - but they are (almost) always carefully calculated risks.” She is quick to point out that when she swam with great white sharks, she was in a cage. Tiger sharks, on the other hand, she jumped right in the water with (we will leave that risk calculation to her).

Innately entrepreneurial, (and admittedly a bit insubordinate, as confirmed by Sean) Lili left her job as in-house counsel at a tech company to start her own law firm - a year after graduating from Brooklyn Law School. Her passion for the legal industry and love of technology eventually led her to Whistler, where she has found her home.

Challenging the status quo comes in handy when helping typically risk-averse lawyers think through their next career move. “Take the meeting - that’s how you are going to learn.” is her second most commonly used phrase.

Most commonly used phrase: “Is it ok if Blue comes?”

About Blue: Yes, the goldendoodle in the photo above, Lili’s nearly-constant sidekick. Though she is in denial that having a dog in the office can be a distraction, you may occasionally hear Blue in the background. 

When asked her favorite female lead, gives the most noncommittal, lawyer answer ever:  What does that even mean? Who has a favorite female lead? My favorite movie is The Princess Bride, that’s all I know.  So does that mean it’s Robin Wright? She’s not even the best part of that movie. She does have some great lines though… and I know every line.

Greatest invention in human history: Goldendoodles, bubble baths, and the printing press. Can’t pick.

Best advice: “Be careful who you take advice from!”