"Little Hero"

Managing Director

“I thought I was going to be a bounty hunter…”

Kathryn Komarnicki grew up in St. Petersburg before attending the University of Florida, first to study journalism, and then, after her journalism instructors bluntly informed her that print was dying, telecom (aka, electronic mass communications). A world traveler -- she had her first interview with Whistler while in Indonesia, and was once offered acupuncture by the driver of a moving Uber in Argentina -- she’s grown enraptured with New York, and the prospect of guiding some of its finest attorneys along their professional journeys. Having once been considered for a role on a reality show about the frolicsome behavior of summering New Yorkers, Kat understands that declining the wrong opportunity can be just as important as accepting the right one. She will help you land the right job, and keep you from shaming your family on non-premium cable television.

Greatest Invention: Do yachts count as an invention? Really can’t think of a better piece of machinery.

Movie That Was Secretly About Me: The Devil Wears Prada—Sean is accurately portrayed by Meryl Streep.

Favorite Historical Moment: My great grandma left the Ukraine at age 15 and fled to America because she didn’t like the man chosen for her arranged marriage. It was totally bad ass and something I would do.