Managing Director

“My fiancée and I have had more dates in the ER than anywhere else…”

William “Big Bill” Brooks fled the sunshine of South Florida for frigid Chicago in 2005, eventually settling in New York City. Before signing on with Whistler, he spent over a decade in the hospitality industry, starting as a GM for a Sarasota nightclub and ending with a four-year stint as beverage director for Manhattan craft beer and charcuterie hangout The Cannibal. Sean Burke brought Brooks into Whistler convinced that Brooks’ mastery of essential hospitality skills—long, helpful conversations with regular customers that could sometimes stretch out over a period of years—would translate perfectly into the recruiting space, a nontraditional bet that continues to pay off handsomely. One more thing you should know about Bill: while not quite a Master Sommelier, he possesses more than enough knowledge to give you recommendations and looks forward to doing so.

Biggest Career Blunder: Was admitted to MIT, but decided to attend art school instead.

Favorite Historical Moment: November 17th, 1934. Opening Day of the first Trader Vic’s. Who doesn’t like a good tiki drink?

Favorite Secret Beach: Anywhere I can get a piña colada delivered to me without getting up.