As I tried to figure out where to start with my job search amid confidentiality and conflict concerns, Karen’s name kept coming up. She has a large online presence—and an equally large personality—and friends kept telling me to reach out to her. I don’t know why I waited so long to do it. Don’t be like me!
Karen was able to pick out the skills and experiences I had that would be valuable to employers so we could focus our search on the firms that were likely to be interested. I say “we” and “our” because once Karen got involved, she was right there with me. She helped prepare me for interviews, was there to answer all my questions about the process and celebrated every tiny bit of positive feedback with me. Having someone in my corner who could follow up when I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing so myself greatly reduced the amount of time I spent in agony wondering what was going on. Most importantly, her enthusiasm was contagious. Just talking with her inspired hope so I was able to show up for interviews with energy and excitement.
Thanks to Karen, I wound up in a job that is a better fit for me than anything I would have thought of on my own. I truly could not have done it without her knowledge of, and access to, the industry. Her focus, persistence and responsiveness made the process infinitely easier. And her enthusiasm and personality actually made it fun!
Within weeks, I received and accepted an offer for my dream job as a corporate associate in Austin. Before starting this process, I didn’t know all of the benefits of working with a good recruiter like Karen, but her deep insider knowledge and powerful advocacy set me up for success.

She is responsive, kind, and wildly effective at her job. You will not find a better recruiter/therapist/friend than Karen Vladeck.



Special Counsel at Baker Botts

I would recommend Aayush to anyone looking for a recruiter for placement. He truly goes above and beyond what other recruiters usually do. He didn’t just try to place me as quickly as possible but really went to great lengths to understand me on both a personal and professional level to help place me in a situation that would be most ideal for me. He offered sage advice during the entire process (including contemplating whether to stay put) at all hours and for any length of time. And even when we were not in communication, he was working behind the scenes for my benefit in communicating with multiple contacts to ensure the right result for me. I’ve had experience with many recruiters in the past but as long as Aayush is in the business, he’ll be my last one.


Eric Lee


Corporate Partner at Loeb & Loeb

Aayush assisted me during two law firm moves and also advised me while moving in-house. He is thoughtful, conscientious, and will take the time to understand your goals and find the right fit. You couldn't pay me to work with another recruiter. 


Chris Ramos


General Counsel & Chief of Staff at Time by Ping

Aayush is a highly skilled and resourceful recruiter, with a breadth of knowledge of the legal market both in California and nationally. He approached my search with the perfect balance of market expertise, professionalism and personal attention. He was well-prepared, thorough and knowledgeable from day one. Above all, Aayush makes clear that his primary drive is to place clients in a position where they will succeed and be happy. We spent a substantial amount of time discussing my goals, concerns and preferences. I will undoubtedly use his services for my next career move, and recommend him to anyone looking for a new position.




Antitrust Senior Associate at Hogan Lovells

Sean called me his first day on the job nearly 20 years ago. He moved me from litigation in a failing patent boutique to IP/Corporate at a top five PPP firm. It was exactly what I asked for and completely the wrong move for me.
Then, he helped me move, without getting paid for it, to a mid-sized advertising boutique where I worked happily for several years.
Lastly, as I was on the verge of true happiness, I had picked out office space and was moving to Austin Texas to start my own boutique with great weather and no state taxes, he asked me to “have breakfast and shake a hand” with this great firm he knows. Almost a decade later, it was a perfect fit.
Now we use Whistler to find other great attorneys fed up with Big Law that want interesting work and better lives.


S. GREGORY BOYDgreg boyd

Partner & Co-Chair of Interactive Entertainment Group at Frankfurt Kurnit

As a professional, I genuinely value working with other excellent professionals. Julieta is an excellent professional and an outstanding recruiter. In addition to her hands-on in-house experience as a lateral recruiter at Fenwick, she has a complete view of the tech landscape and a deep knowledge of California based-firms. Further, her business acumen coupled with her well-rounded nature (and high EQ) allows her to keenly partner with clients to identify and advance their professional and personal goals for successful long-term fits.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgertrude stein 10

Emerging Companies Partner at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I faced a crossroads in my career when I realized that the firm that I had been with for over a decade was no longer the best for for my practice. Josh, Sean, and their team really “got” what I wanted and needed in a new firm. I had both a business partner and a best friend to guide me through the process. Thanks to their help, I joined a new firm that’s both skyrocketed my professional growth and where I’ve had a great time so far. Now, Whistler is helping build my team.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgertrude stein 15

Technology Transactions Partner at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aayush is an incredible recruiter, and I could not recommend him highly enough. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and insightful. He helped me identify what I wanted and didn’t want in my future job, and then assisted me in finding my ideal firm. Aayush provided invaluable guidance and advice, drawing from his years of experience. Thanks Aayush.


David Hankin


Healthcare Associate at Stradling

I worked with Aayush to secure my position at my current law firm. From my experience, one of Aayush's key strengths is his strong relationships with internal recruiters at AmLaw 100 law firms. This is a huge advantage, because unlike many recruiters, he's will not blindly send your application out just because he sees a job posting. He has the ability to call up the internal recruiter and gain real insight into the candidate that the firm is looking for, so when he does send your application, it is tailored and suited to the right position, thereby increasing the odds of landing an interview.
But beyond that, in working with Aayush I learned that he offers significant value in ways that I genuinely believe made a impact for me. For example:
1) He reached out to me regarding an unlisted position in a niche legal practice, and few other recruiters knew about this role;
2) He negotiated the logistics of interviews and meetings, saving me time and relieving stress;
3) He negotiated behind the scenes for a signing bonus; and
4) Once I received an offer, he continued to work with me and my firm to smooth out the on-boarding process (conflicts waivers, etc.).
In short, Aayush was an excellent find, and he is really skilled at his job. If you are looking to switch jobs, Aayush is an fantastic resource.




Tech / Life Sciences & Cannabis Associate at Goodwin