Sarah Wyman

Managing Director
“You’re too smart to be dating my son.” - ex-boyfriend's mother (turns out I was!)

Sarah Wyman grew up in suburban Denver, playing basically every sport under the sun and attending summer camps with no lakes but lots of mountains. After strictly considering schools in locales warmer than Colorado (“which is basically everywhere”), Sarah completed both undergrad and law school at the University of Miami in Florida.

She has extensive recruiting experience both at a large legal recruiting company and in-house at a FinTech company. She disagrees with those who compare recruiting to sales, because this job is about people. You can't put a square peg in a round hole. Sarah is happily overwhelmed by the New York food scene and aspires to one day be a classy old lady sipping gin martinis. She is not currently a fan of gin, but says that if she doesn’t develop a taste for it by retirement she will happily stick to champagne forever.

Desired superpower:

"Time Travel—I’m not a very patient person.."

Worst job:

"Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate--Have you ever had to organize 7000 square feet of 5-inch merchandise?"

Movie that was secretly about her:

"Legally Blonde."


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