Jamie Braunstein

Chief Operating Officer




"She has all of the leadership skills and height of Napoleon. I mean Rudy. *cough cough*" - Sean Burke

Jamie Braunstein is always prepared for a curve ball whether at home, at work, or even in a taxi. No, really, she was once in a cab that got hit on Lexington Avenue and the driver ran after the offender on foot leaving his cab in the middle of rush-hour traffic. Rather than abandoning a situation that most of us would deem “unsolvable” or “pure chaos,” Jamie jumped in the driver's seat, pulled the car over, and cleared the traffic jam. Problem solved.

Although Jamie’s first job was as an investment banking analyst at UBS, her love of sports soon led her to a 16 year career at ESPN. In those first 10 years, in their Digital Finance & Strategy department, she became the all around corporate athlete she is today as she partnered with digital GMs and budget owners (in a CFO-like start-up role) to define, model, execute and monitor the strategy and financials behind what would become ESPN’s multi-million dollar digital business.

After getting ESPN’s digital platform up and running, it was a no-brainer for Jamie, a self-proclaimed data nerd, to be chosen to lead Business Operations for ESPN’s Advertising Sales Organization. Step one as the Senior Director of Sales Operations: outlining a vision for SalesForce’s implementation and completely redesigning ESPN’s sales compensation plans. Step two: building the winning teams and empowering them to deliver results through unmatched teamwork and positivity. You could say she was the Ted Lasso of ESPN’s Advertising Sales Organization, but with more spreadsheets.

If Jamie’s old world of sports and entertainment is all about who you know, her new world of recruiting is all about referrals. Jamie had taken the plunge from the big corporate world to running and scaling sales operations at A Place for Mom, a PE funded late stage startup. During her tenure as Vice President of Commercial Operations, Jamie honed her skills in an arena of high-touch referral based sales. And in came Whistler. Her relationship with Whistler began when Sean said “I need an experienced COO” and a partner said ”you must meet Jamie”. Sean invited Jamie to lunch and immediately recognized that her sense of humor and natural sales abilities made her a perfect fit.

As Chief Operating Officer, Jamie brings with her an enthusiasm for identifying and solving pain points (of which Whistler, like all startups, has many), creating dynamic and productive work culture, and a heavy dose of heart (à la Rudy).

What movie is secretly about you?:

“Blind Side — Sandra is the perfect mix of tough, sporty, smart, funny, inspiring, influential, confident and motherly.  Even more, it gets at the heart of my true dream job -- coaching a professional or college sports team.  Until that dream comes true, I take every minute I can to coach others (especially my kids!) and teach them the foundations of a winning athlete - form, grit, teamwork and discipline.”

Favorite invention?:

“Microsoft Excel.”


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