Amdie Mengistu

"WPAM Radio (Late-night)"
Managing Director





"A non-toothache is very pleasant" - Thich Nhat Hanh

Some people might say Amdie has bad timing -  he joined the newly merged Dewey-Lebeouf as a first year associate in 2008, he had a second kid right before losing that gig, and he started at Whistler Partners a week before the world went into quarantine. But given his unbridled optimism we doubt that he would see it that way. In fact, Amdie’s ability to add a positive spin to any circumstance has landed him the coveted role of Sean’s de-facto therapist (much needed). A purveyor of exclusively good advice, we even like to think that had he taken the helm at Dewey, he could’ve kept the ship from sinking.

As a natural helper, Amdie’s career after Dewey shifted to public defense in Staten Island, and then on to Big Law recruiting at a couple of New York's top shops (lame). After connecting and guiding countless candidates and clients, Amdie took a short break to finish writing a book (c’mon, name one lawyer who doesn’t in their heart of hearts think they could write the next great American novel). When he was ready to rejoin the world of legal recruiting, Whistler Partners, as long time admirers of Amdie’s work, was ready to snatch him up.

In his own words, “it may seem like I’m a great recruiter, but really I’m just a Brooklyn dad, making money off Midtown to help two boys travel the world, play soccer and crush their music lessons.  Won’t anyone please think of the Children!!! ”


Funniest quote from a significant other's mom:

"so, wait...he’s black?”

Dream job:

"Lottery Official In Charge of Delivering Good News or Senior Director of Gifts, Oprah, Inc.”

Is a hotdog a sandwich?:

"Only if one can eat a technicality.”


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testimonials about this recruiter:

I've known Amdie for over four years. I met him when he helped one of my close friends leave the firm we both worked for and watched him as he advised him about all aspects of his search, paying close attention to fit and long term goals as well as short term needs. Ever since, I've referred any of my friends who need it to Amdie for his advice. He's been invaluable as a source of knowledge about the market and career advice generally, with no pressure whatsoever. I absolutely trust that Amdie has my best interests at heart, and he is one of my go-to resources for career advice, big and small.



Litigation Associate at Cooley

Working with Amdie made my lateraling experience seamless and as stress-free as possible. He was able to quickly understand the kind of change I needed in my career, explain how this step would fit into my long term goals, and then he only provided options that fit perfectly into that plan. So many other recruiters try to push any and all job openings, but Amdie actually told me his honest opinion of any posting, limiting the number of places I applied to in order to tailor my search specifically to my career goals. Not to mention, he was always there to quell my racing mind when potential firms took their time responding to us. I won’t work with any other recruiter, Amdie is a true partner in your job hunt.


Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Associate at Cooley

I couldn't recommend Amdie more highly. He took a long-term approach, illuminated the whole market, and got me to the perfect practice group for me, helping me move my career to exactly what I wanted, and frankly, what I needed at the time. Not only that, but Amdie was the only recruiter who talked to me like a real human, helping me figure out what I was really looking for at the time.



White-Collar Associate at Wilson Sonsini

Amdie is reliable, discreet and excellent at his job. Amdie and I summered together at Dewey Ballantine almost 14 years ago and he has remained both a personal friend and also a resource professionally. I regularly consult with Amdie on the legal market and have hired multiple fantastic associates with his help. I highly recommend his services.



Renewables Partner, Vinson & Elkins