IP & Life Science Transactions

You’re the smartest person in the room but how would anyone know?

be the expert you already are

Does it feel like everything you did before law school is now irrelevant?

You grew up building robots in your basement, got a degree in physics, and spent every holiday serving as your family’s personal IT help desk.

Then one day you woke up negotiating a purchase agreement using about 10% of your brainpower and none of your passion. What if you could be a great lawyer and actually utilize your skill set?

Clients in this space need someone that understands their work and its greater significance. Your knowledge matters. Use it.


the art of reverse-engineering

We take your past life and put it to work for you.

Your unique expertise has been underutilized but that’s about to change. Maybe you’ve never dealt with complicated internet copyright issues, but you worked at a start-up in the music sharing space before law school.

What’s more useful to a Pharma client? Someone who is great at checking footnotes or someone who wrote their thesis on the Patentability of Human-Animal Chimeras?

We Know What Works

Strategy to get the job.

Everyone you’re up against went to a top school and a top firm. Your law school transcript alone might get you an interview in “legal,” but it’s our strategy and analysis that will beat out the competition and get you the job.