Associate General Counsel, Privacy

 New York [Hybrid]



DailyPay, a late stage FinTech unicorn, is growing and plans to expand their product offering within the payments space. Their initial offering was for workers to access their earned funds in advance of receiving their paycheck, which is important for many working folks who may need to pay their rent, for example, before the check is processed. DailyPay charges a small fee for that, which is usually covered by the employer but no matter what, is going to be MUCH cheaper for the employee than going to a payday lender, who will charge a ton of interest for the short term loan. So you can truly feel good that you are making the world a better place. DailyPay raised $500M earlier this year at a $1B+ valuation and they're now scaling up and planning to introduce a series of new products and services. As their Associate General Counsel, Privacy, you'll be responsible for privacy compliance across the org and you'll serve as product counsel as they develop new products and services, many of which have very clear privacy related issues. As their new product offerings grow and succeed, have a hand in building out your legal team. This is a rare chance to really own Privacy at a startup that's doing good in the world and is experiencing success after success. #LI-JK1 #LI-Hybrid