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About the company:

Liberty Legal is a Division of Liberty United, which is a group of 11 crypto and blockchain startups. Connect United DAO LLC Decentralized social media; eventually ad revenue will be shared with users Sales and marketing: global roster of affiliates (essentially independent contractors) who are selling node software for all of the companies (requires a login) Liberty United DAO LLC Veteran-focused blockchain offering physical security, cybersecurity, and risk management services Distributing secure, privacy-focused phones Funding a documentary based on letters sent by soldiers in Afghanistan Galvan DAO LLC Medical-services focused blockchain company selling telehealth services and planning FitBit-like products Switch United DAO LLC Financial services focused blockchain company beginning with a crypto debit card Element DAO LLC Confirming provenance of rare minerals (e.g. diamonds) Acquiring interests in gold mines for the purpose of keeping the gold in the ground (i.e. they will not mine the gold). They want to “digitize” the gold by issuing NFTs that represent (but are not backed by) the gold. Smart DAO LLC Integrating blockchain into the home Elevate DAO LLC Balance sheet management and market making for the digital rewards issued by the other companies Give DAO LLC Philanthropy that distributes money to charities Green Blockchain The energy blockchain focused on mining with low cost energy, earning rewards, and then using those rewards to offset power bills NERD DAO LLC Blockchain development Software developers/SaaS Pixll DAO LLC Marketing services on the blockchain

About the Role:

As Counsel, you'll work on a wide variety of legal matters for a growing number or portfolio companies in the blockchain space. Beyond negotiating contracts and handling the day-to-day legal needs of growing startups, you'll also handle complex regulatory and securities issues. This is a role for someone who is experienced in the world of blockchain and crypto, and who's comfortable in a regulatory grey space.


Identify and frame regulatory issues to formulate and propose strategic approaches to address organizational growth and operational opportunities Plan and implement company-wide regulatory strategy for rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in the crypto industry Act as a strategic business partner to review, draft, negotiate, and advise on a wide variety of commercial agreements to meet business and legal requirements, including SaaS agreements, master services agreements, licensing agreements, channel partner contracts, professional services agreements, marketing agreements, vendor agreements, and non-disclosure agreements; partner with relevant business stakeholders as necessary Aid in the development and implementation of processes, procedures, and metrics (including efficient contracting processes) to increase the overall effectiveness of the legal services provided to the company Address legal risk in business-centric ways, developing processes to solve problems, strengthening partnerships, and advancing opportunities

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