General Counsel

United States, 15 people in the company; 10 in AUS; 5 in North America  [Remote]


About the company:

Lyra is an options automated market maker (AMM) that allows traders to buy and sell options on cryptocurrencies against a pool of liquidity. The Lyra protocol has two key user groups, liquidity providers and options traders. Liquidity providers (LPs) deposit sUSD (a stablecoin) into one of the asset-specific Lyra Market Maker Vaults (MMVs). This liquidity is used to make two-sided (buy and sell) options markets for the asset that the vault specifies (e.g. ETH Market Maker Vault LPs quote options on ETH). LPs deposit liquidity to the vault to earn the fees paid when options are traded. Traders use Lyra to trade options. They can either buy options from or sell options to the MMV. Traders pay fees (in the form of the market-making spread) to LPs, as compensation for their liquidity. To learn more, visit:

About the Role:

As their General Counsel and first legal hire, you'll lead legal for a young crypto company. Alongside the usual corporate & commercial legal requirements, you will be dealing with state laws regarding money transmitter licenses, gray regulatory regimes, and multiple federal agencies including FINRA, CFTC, FinCEN, and others. Familiarity with regulatory issues, including KYC, AML, BSA and CFAA requirements is a must. You'll also work collaboratively with internal teams, advising on compensation, employment, tax, intellectual property, and data privacy issues. They're looking for someone solution-oriented, with a high tolerance for ambiguity and passion for tricky regulatory puzzles. Innovators welcome!


Develop and execute the legal and regulatory strategy of a quickly-scaling company. Stay current on applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards and be able to communicate relevant developments to business and product teams, driving risk-weighted decisions. Provide legal support in the development of policies, and customer and consumer communications and disclosures Guide the organization and its members on internal legal matters such as employment contracts, equity grants, and corporate governance. Manage day-to-day interactions with business partners, outside counsel, and other stakeholders.

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