General Counsel

United States, Company Based in Berlin but Want US based counsel  [Remote]



About the company:

[Violet]( is a new identity network built on Ethereum. We are building a toolchain to compose, express, and verify identity on-chain. Our mission is to evolve trust in Web3. Violet is a primitive applicable to many use cases, however we are most excited about **catalyzing institutional participation across DeFi** in the near term. We believe this is key for the industry to expand and become more robust. Specifically we are initially building an on-chain infrastructure product that solves institutional compliance requirements - while maximizing privacy for individual participants. We intend this infrastructure to be utilized by DeFi builders as they start engaging institutional liquidity and wish to grow regulatory trust in their platforms. Violet is backed by top crypto investors and traditional investors alike, including [BlueYard]( and founders / senior leadership at Ethereum, Filecoin, Anchorage, Coinbase, Wise, Uniswap, Argent, and many more.

About the Role:

A robust understanding of the regulatory landscape and ability to shape the quickly evolving debate will be key in the adoption of our compliance product - which is why we are looking for a general counsel to lead all regulatory and legal functions within Violet.


Advise product and eventual protocol design and development, while working with founders, advisors, and outside counsel, to help make informed decisions that consider legal, regulatory and risk implications Set the overall legal strategy and manage all internal legal matters, as well as representing Violet with regards to all outside legal and regulatory proceedings Participate in and help shape the quickly evolving regulatory debate, specifically with regards to institutional DeFi adoption