Game of Recruiters  

Sean Burke | 09.22.20

If you're anything like me, you might live on the edge of nerd-dom. So, after my right hand gal, Becca Blank, gave herself the title "Hand of the King," it was clear what had to be done. I had to decide who everyone else at Whistler would be in Game of Thrones.

So here's the definitive list. If you've ever wanted to choose your legal recruiter based on what Games of Throne character they're most like, here's your chance.

GOT - Becca


Becca Blank - Tyrion Lannister

(Hand of the King, drinks wine, small but mighty, pretty clumsy in battle)



GOT - kathleen


Kathleen Mon - Catelyn Stark

(Lady Stoneheart, watches over us like we’re her own children, smarter and more honorable than the rest of us, might come back from the dead b/c she’s so strong willed)


GOT - Tad


Tad Gruman - Jon Snow

(tears up easily, secretly a member of the royal family but would rather party with the Wildlings, probably the protagonist)


GOT - Taylor



Taylor Miller - Grey Worm

(a machine, unsullied, great arms)


GOT - Wolf



Wolf Konstant - Stannis Baratheon

(well-educated, grammatically correct, prefers to work remotely)


GOT - Mat



Mat Martin - Samwell Tarly

(more literate than the rest of us because he basically wrote the book on Bankruptcy, probably knows how to cure Greyscale)


GOT - Jordan


Jordan Rosenberg - Bronn

(clearly has the most fun of anyone, rags to riches story, intellectual bodyguard)


GOT - Sarah


Sarah - combo of Olenna and Margaery Tyrell

(always wins best dressed but plays the game better than anyone, might have inherited a killer streak from her grandmother’s side of the family)


GOT - Francis



Francis Kelly - Ayra Stark

(short, assassin, revenge is sweet, athletically talented)


GOT - Dan



Dan aka “Pro-Bono Dan”- Ned Stark

(best Dad and boss ever, but too honorable to his detriment)



GOT - Amdie


Amdie Mengistu - Oberyn Martell

(everyone wants to work with him, he’s clearly hot and he knows about the finer things in life)


GOT - Julieta



Julieta Stubrin - Sansa Stark

(has plenty of leadership experience, Queen in the North...ern California)


GOT - Josh



Josh Bilgrei - The Hound

(tough NY exterior with a heart of gold)


GOT - Emily



Emily Witt - Brienne of Tarth

(fiercely loyal, being a pilates instructor and being a knight are basically the same thing, right?)



GOT - Jon


Jon Drucker - Ser Barristan Selmy (“The Bold”)

(one of the best 3 point shooters and most honorable men in the seven kingdoms, probably knows your dad or cousin’s best friend)



Diana - Melisandre

(behind the red hair, marketing is witchcraft)

GOT - Sean 2


Sean Burke -

argued with my HAND (Becca) a bit on this one. I kept saying that I’m clearly Jon Snow. (HAND: “No”) Tormund? (No) Jaime Lannister? Or at worst Littlefinger? And I was overruled.

I’m clearly Cersei.


Corporate Counsel (M&A) @

PropTech Leaders

Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs @ Global Entertainment Agency

The Fashion Crowd

In House M&A Counsel @ Top Private Equity Fund

In House Without the Pay Cut

Associate General Counsel, Product and Regulatory @ Intersection of FinTech and PropTech

You're #1!

Associate General Counsel @ Late-stage Industry Disruptor

Very Tech-y

Product Counsel @ Blockchain Platform

The Solution

Commercial Counsel @ Healthcare Data Startup

Fight Diseases with Data

Director, Legal & Business Affairs @ Digital Entertainment Leader


Corporate Counsel @ Alternative Investment Platform

Democratizing Investments

Deputy General Counsel - Corporate Development & Governance @ Heavy-hitting Unicorn

IPO Bound

Commercial AGC @ Iconic Fine Jewelry Brand

Put a Ring On It

Sr. Corporate Counsel @ OwnBackup, high-growth data techco

SaaS in Hypergrowth Mode

1st Legal Hire @ Alpaca - Series B FinTech

You're #1!

M&A Counsel @ Tech-y Venture Capital Fund (Portuguese Speaker)

VC is Heating Up

AGC, Payments Product Counsel @ FinTech "Unicorn"

Parlez vous MTL, KYC, & AML?

M&A Counsel @ Tech-y Venture Capital Fund

Unicorn Hunters

Private Funds Counsel @ Private Equity & Venture Capital Group

Break into VC

M&A Transactions Counsel @ Private Equity & Venture Capital Group

The Mathletes of PE

Commercial Counsel @ Video Gaming Unicorn

Ready Player One?

Litigation Counsel @ International Gaming Company

Rarer than Rare

Corporate Counsel, Tech & SaaS @ Social App

Put Yourself Out There

Corporate M&A Counsel @ E-Commerce Unicorn

Career Launcher

Data & Product Counsel @ Zocdoc

First Name in Health-Tech

Legal Counsel @ The Hut Group (Beauty & Wellbeing E-Commerce)

Bevy of Beauty

Life Sciences Associate @ Top Startups Firm

The Antidote to Big Pharma

Associate Attorney @ Leading Investment Firm

For the Apex Preditors

Corporate Counsel @ Pharmaceutical Heavy-Weight

Hard Sciences Background not Required

General Counsel @ FinTech SaaS Startup

Go Digital

VP of Legal @ E-Commerce Consumer Lending Platform

Add to Cart

CFIUS Compliance @ Elite Tech Client

More Glamorous than Government

Emerging Companies Associate @ Elite Startup-Focused Firm

Keep EC/VC Weird

Futures Trading Compliance @ Crypto Trading Platform

The Brand Name in Crypto

Switch to FinTech from Finance @ AmLaw 100 Law Firm

FinTech Fix

Emerging Companies Capital Markets Associate @ Startups Focused Firm

Pivot to Cooler Clients

Senior In-House Counsel @ Digital Health Leader

Not Your Grandma's Healthcare

In-House Commercial Transactions Attorney @ Digital Health Leader

Healthcare Meets Tech

In-House Life Science Corporate Counsel @ Pharmaceutical Company

Future of Pharma

Exclusive: ECVC Associate at Elite Firm's LA Office

Best Partner Opportunity in SoCal

Program Lawyer / Event Content Director @ TechGC

By GCs, For GCs

In-House Corporate Counsel at Venture Fund

VC Meets FinTech

Startup & Media Associate @ Arts & Entertainment-Focused Boutique

Très Chic

Director of Business & Legal @ Media Streaming Company

Binge Worthy

Privacy Counsel @ International Gaming Company

The Next Big Thing in Gaming

IP & Tech Litigation opp at a Silicon Valley tech Firm

The Move Before You Go In House

Privacy Partner @ Bay Area AmLaw 50 Firm

Plug and Play

Biotech Late Stage/Cap Markets Partner

Use Your Expertise

In-House FinTech Bankruptcy Counsel

Can bankruptcy lawyers go in-house? YES!

Senior In-house Counsel @ Edgy FinTech Shop

Global Platform

The Right Bankruptcy & Reorganization Practice For You

Restructuring Your Own Career

Partner Recruiting Coordinator @ Whistler Partners

The Good Life

Legal Recruiter

New York or Los Angeles